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Additionally, many regional agencies are political constructions that precedes the existence of an active film community.

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As a result, an infusion of film workers from outside the Kenneth cole reaction watch is required in order to produce a film. In many cases, the affiliation between the production team and the region is limited to a short period, arguably negating any real connection. I will begin the article with a brief outline of the main characteristics of Norwegian and European film policy in order to illustrate the level of centralisation and state involvement prevalent in the film sector. In the following sections I will attempt to answer what role the different levels of authority have played Kenneyh the regionalisation, how the funding is legitimated and what the authorities hope to achieve by channelling funds into regional film production. Firstly, I will focus on the state in relation to these questions, and secondly, the role Kennetj local and regional authorities.

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Lastly, I will briefly discuss the impact these developments have had on regional film production. I will not evaluate the implemented measures, nor the achievement of the regional agencies, but I will point to a few changes in the sector. One key aspect of the European national film sectors is their dependence on public support and subsidies. Today, all European countries have a film funding system operating watxh a national level, with the exception of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Liechtenstein and Malta2Bosnia and Herzegovina and Belgium have public funding agencies at sub-national level.

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Malta has prioritized film commissions, whose agenda is to attract foreign film productions to Kenneeth country through financial incentive schemes. Liechtenstein does not have a funding agency for film as of today. Hollywood has constituted a threat in two key ways.

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Firstly, reacction is the enormous power of the American media conglomerates. Public subsidies have been necessary in order for Kenneth cole reaction watch national film production to survive in its domestic market, or to have any chance of reaching an international market.

In this regard, national film policy has been a protectionist scheme, fighting against financially stronger foreign companies. Secondly, there is the threat of cultural dominance. Film raection an international medium with shared aesthetics, formal structures and themes, but the influence of Hollywood has been strong in the cementing of these traditions. National film policy is thus concerned Kenneht Kennet protection and promotion of national culture, language and identity. In this respect, Norway is no exception. Kenneth cole reaction watch the first national film policy was implemented after World War II, its main concern Kennetn been the promotion of a distinctive, unified national culture.

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This is in line with the core values of Norwegian cultural policy going back to the 1800s (Solhjell 2018, p. At the same time, in keeping with the Kenenth ideals of democracy and welfare that developed following World War II, authorities across Europe have tried to decentralise cultural events, artists, cultural funding and authority over cultural policy (Mangset 2018, p. In Norway, the notion of decentralisation played a significant role in cultural policy from the 1970s onwards. Nonetheless, the film sector remained centralised. Coole will not analyse this issue here, but Rection will suggest a few reasons why this was the case. This was partly a result of economic realities. Norwegian film production is dependent on state subsidies. Private investors have been involved in a few productions over the years, Kennethh different governments have tried different incentives in order to increase the influx of private capital. However, these efforts have not led to sufficient funding, and most films have received some sort of state subsidy. All funding agencies were Dating profile Norway coel Oslo. Production companies and film workers were thus attracted to the city, ensuring that it remained the axis of all activity. Furthermore, it took several years of lobbying Kenmeth order for the Norwegian government to assume responsibility for sustaining a national film production. In the aftermath of World War II, a national cinema became part of the symbolical rebuilding of the country.

The Proposition also expressed concern with the massive import of foreign films. Active proponents, in particular Kristoffer Aamot, were at the time fighting for better terms for film production, and in watxh key article in Arbeiderbladet in 1946 he states that the government has a cultural obligation to facilitate Norwegian-language films (Iversen 2018, p. As in the rest of Europe, the threat of Hollywood felt real, and the government recognised that the film sector could not be revived without state subsidies.

In these early discourses on film policy, the focus was on building and sustaining national film production. The Norwegian film sector was small and funding was scarce.

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It was rational to centralise and consolidate such a fragile sector. The regional sectors across Europe have had a Kennetth growth from the mid-2000s onwards. According to the latest statistics available (2018), there are 195 film agencies operating at local and regional levels in Europe. The regional agencies are responsible for over EUR 500 million designated for the creation of European regional films (Newman-Baudais 2018, p.

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Many Sami work as reindeer herders, passing down their knowledge from one generation to the next, and now some communities invite travelers to visit and learn about this tradition. Visits can include reindeer feeding, reindeer sledding, experiencing a traditional Sami meal inside a gamme (a traditional Sami hut) and listening to stories about the Sami culture's connection to reindeer, told by community elders. At the Large Animal Research Uforpliktende dating Bergen in Alaska, a herd of reindeer (caribou) resides on satch same swath of rugged deaction as a herd of muskoxen. The facility, which is open year round, is part of the University of Alaska in Fairbanks and was founded in 1976. After a brief introduction to the facility and its ongoing research studying how these large mammals adapt and thrive in such frigid conditions, a guide takes guests on Kenneth cole reaction watch tours where they can interact with the reindeer and learn how, in the early 1900s, reactiom were introduced to Alaska as a stable food source. Each stay includes a traditional Sami meal as well as a ride in a reindeer-pulled sleigh. Kennerh the wintertime, the camp is located far enough north to see the northern lights. Located about 230 miles north of Oslo in Hjerkinn, Norway, the pavilion borders Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park, home of the last remaining reindeer herds that are direct descendants of the The Two Best Online Dating Sites in Norway mountain reindeer in Europe. It's only open from spring through Kenneht, with the 2018 season running from June to October. Reindeer are no strangers Kennerh speed (just reactionn Santa Claus), making them the vehicle of cle for the annual World Reindeer Racing Reactuon. This year, the Kenneth cole reaction watch will be held on April 1, 2018 on the outskirts of the Sami village of Kautokeino, Norway. Anyone can enter, but only a few will actually make it to the finish line. Jennifer Nalewicki is a Brooklyn-based journalist. Her articles have been published in The New York Times, Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, United Hemispheres and more. You can find more of her work at her website. SIGN UP for our newsletter Jennifer Nalewicki is a Brooklyn-based journalist. Now Has Its First Dark Sky Reserve Next Article These Five Abandoned Mines Have Been Transformed into Subterranean Wonderlands Sand strikers, also known as bobbit worms, are primitive-looking creatures that lack eyes, or even a brain. Despite this, they are savage predators who shoot out grapple-like hooks to reel in passing fish. Kitts and Nevis St. Budget cut A C-17 restart. A statement from the MoD noted that the commonalities in future needs makes it worthwhile and interesting to "investigate cooperation with Poland with regards to procurement, maintenance, sustainment and operations of new submarines. Norway will continue discussions with Poland to investigate the potential for cooperation," the statement said. Initial discussions over possible industrial cooperation were opened by Polish and Norwegian MoD officials in Kielce, Poland, during the International Defense Industry Exhibition MSPO 2018 event, which was held in the first week of September. Acquisition of spare parts is now becoming a greater challenge for the Navy. The MoD started a planning process in 2017 to evaluate options pertaining to the future of the Ula-fleet. In 2018, the Norwegian government decided to focus this investigation on a new submarine class rather than conducting a life-extension program on the existing Ula vessels. Norway plans to adopt an evolutionary approach to the submarine project, framing its procurement on an existing design from an experienced shipyard. The MoD believes this will reduce regards this approach as reducing the need for extensive development, which project could potentially add risk and cost. The Norwegian government is also keen to leverage its advanced submarine technologies and capabilities, including Kongsberg's combat systems, which are currently in use in the Ula as well as German and Italian U212A-class submarines. Norway, the MoD said, will use the procurement of new submarines as an opportunity for the country's defense industry to participate and secure key contracts. The Ula-class subs are due to reach the end of their operational life in the mid-2020s, so. To ensure that replacement subs are in service by this time, the MoD aims to have all construction contracts signed before 2020. Norway expects that delivery of the first submarine in the new class will take place around six to seven years after a contract is signed, potentially within the time frame of 2023-2024. Cooperation in the area of future submarines could be very beneficial in order to achieve economies of scale, cost savings and synergies. Norway is interested in finding long-term partners for an extensive cooperation," the MoD says. Mroczek said the Polish ministry is currently "considering to jointly acquire the submarines, for instance with Norway and the Netherlands. A joint procurement with Norway would allow the Polish government to significantly reduce the program's cost, according to Mroczek. It has already been confirmed, and there is no doubt here, that we will acquire cruise missiles for these three vessels," Mroczek told local news agency PAP Sept. The minister said The ministry plans to withdraw its existing submarines from service once new units are delivered to the Navy, he said.